Automated Storage Solutions

Automated Solutions
for Any Application

Precision Warehouse Design is on the cutting edge of these new technologies.  We have designed and installed many of them. 

GTP (Goods to person) –  Industry term that simply means “Bring the product to me!” or reverse it and make them “buffer” storage systems. Many types to choose from depending on the application.

  • Auto Sort – used in picking environments that require the movement of a relatively small number of references in respect of the total movements of units or bulks required in a determined picking period.
  • Perfect Pick Buffer Storage –  Latest in technology for Picking small/medium size items from a tote.  Or use it as a buffer system to “consolidate” picked lines of an open order
  • Sure Sort – Automated put system for sorting or consolidating small items quickly
  • VLMs (Vertical Lift Modules – ie Shuttles) –  Store it vertically!  Tray retrieval technology. Add light directed options for improved rates and accuracy
  • Vertical Carousels – Small parts, fixtures, tooling, etc… storage vertically
  • Horizontal Carousels – picking small items (medium/high velocity) in a high density area.  Add light directed options for improved rates and accuracy
  • Pallet Shuttle System – No forktrucks! Load and Unload pallets with multiple Shuttles.
Mouser Opex Perfect Pick
Automated Storage Rack

let us design your system today

We have full turnkey design capabilities to show you how to feed a sort system properly, achieve the rates you desire, and manage the system with state of art SCADA software.  Our SCADA software can be implemented to monitor from any device anywhere in the world!

See why Multi-Billion Dollar companies like FedEX, Nebraska Furniture Mart,, S&S Activewear, Mouser Electronics, RTIC, KGP, and multiple others trust the engineering and partnership of Precision Warehouse Design for their current and ongoing Conveyor Sortation and Design needs!