Wide Span Shelving

Wide span shelving is designed for storage areas in which goods are handled manually instead of being transported on a pallet.  The system is ideal when there are many different products (SKUs), when the quantities are small or variable, and when rotation is only partial. The system is designed for handloading medium to heavy loads.  In other words, wide span shelving cannot be machine loaded.

  • Decking surface is wire decking or traditional particle board (depends on application)
  • Adjustable on 2″ centers
  • Most common shelving to design shelving supported pick modules
  • Capacities from 1,200#  to  3,000# (depends on beam selection)l
  • Heights from 5 ft. to 20 ft. tall
  • Depths from 2 ft. deep to 5 ft. deep (depends on application)
  • Width of beams from 4 ft. long to 8 ft. long

Wide span industrial shelving is a versatile, hybrid solution that works well for many warehouses that need a cost-effective, efficient way to store an assortment of heavy duty bulk materials.

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