VLM (Vertical Lift Module)

Vertical Lift Module (VLM) or G2P “Goods to Person”  is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform and a series of computerized controls that delivers items to an ergonomically positioned workstation. The VLM automatically locates and retrieves stored items with a push of a button or a scan of a bar code.

Several Shuttle VLMs can be placed side-by-side or back-to-back to form a compact and efficient automated storage and retrieval system. Software combines hardware and controls to give the Shuttle VLM up to 50 percent more storage capacity than Vertical Lift Modules without the software Interface .

Three VLMs

XP250/500 for spare parts and maintenance and electronic parts

XP700 for medium weight parts and components

XP1000 for heavy parts, tools, molds, dies, fixtures

  • Change Any Unit’s Height Cost Effectively (Pre And Post Installation)
  • A Full Suite Of Field Proven Software And Controls
  • Controlled Access To Any Tray
  • Program The Horizontal And Vertical Speed Of Every Tray To Accommodate Fragile And Sensitive Items
  • Steel Belted Tooth Belt
  • Central Guidance System For Reliability And Durability
  • Shutte Door Protection
  • Wide Selection Of Tray Widths And Depths
  • WMS, ERP And Legacy Host Integration Available
  • Multiple Capacity Trays In The Same Machine
  • Ergonomically Delivered Trays To Each Users Height
  • Locally Licensed Service Technicians


VLM (Vertical Lift Module) Technical Info

VLMs can rage from $50K to $200K.  The average VLM project is $80-$110K.

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VLM (Vertical Lift Module)

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