Wire Deck (Inside Waterfall)

Wire Deck INSIDE WATERFALL is used where there is a lot of each picks from the wire decking. This style is used mostly in the retail environment where patrons are picking from your racking. Inside waterfall wire mesh decks keep the outside face of the beam free of obstructions, allowing for easy labeling and improved visibility for products.

Advantages offered by inside waterfall wire decks include:

  • Wire decking helps minimize slippage
  • Improved safety—no exposed wire ends to catch clothing or materials
  • Open design allows air and water through, key for temperature control and fire suppression
  • Straightforward installation and simple maintenance
  • Improved product visibility that facilitates inspections, cycle counts, order picking, etc.
  • Clean, unobstructed presentation

In typical waterfall wire decking, the wire mesh cascades down the front of the beam, making labeling and SKU barcode placement more difficult and presenting a mild safety hazard. Wire decks with an inside waterfall design are clean in appearance, making them ideal for applications where the neat presentation of products is a priority. Facilities also use inside waterfall decking to facilitate inventory management and order picking since labeling is straightforward.

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Wire Deck (Inside Waterfall)

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