Automate Your Warehouse Operations with AGV

Running a bustling warehouse brings about all manner of challenges that may be better suited to automation than conventional labor means.

In this regard, Precision Warehouse Design offers a solution. We have a selection of Mobile Industrial Robots in the AGV line that is safe, secure, and cost-effective; designed to handle transportation and logistics in your warehouse environment.

If you’ve ever wanted to free up staff for more important, complex tasks, then investing in industrial robotics proves effective and often helps to increase productivity, reduce overhead costs, and improve return-on-investment over time.

We have five high-quality robotic devices available today, including the MiR 100, MiR 1000, MiR 200, MiR 250, and MiR 500. Along with each automated device, we also offer the AGC MiR Software, which allows warehouse managers and owners to better optimize a fleet of MiR robotics with easy-to-use configuration and setup systems.

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