WCS- Warehouse Control Software PrecisionWare360

Warehouse Control Software WCS is different than Warehouse Management Systems WMS.

In short, a WCS is software that CONTROLS, MONITORS and COLLECTS DECISION MAKING DATA  “SCADA” (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) from your warehouse systems.  It is an interactive software solution with any or all of your warehouse systems including your WMS (Warehouse Management System).       Dashboard all the information to manage your operation!  We call it PrecisionWare360 powered by Igntion by Inductive Automation. Click HERE

PrecisionWare360 Logo

PrecisionWare360 Logo

You can control all of your systems in the Warehouse or Manufacturing Facility.    If you don’t know the data you don’t know what is going on, so collect it and dash-board it!   Data is the new Oil……….     Control and interact with all these system via Computer, Phone, and Tablet.

  • PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  • Conveyor Sortation Systems
  • Conveyor Systems in General
  • Carousel Systems
  • AGV (Automatically Guided Vehicles)
  • G2P  (Goods to person machines)
  • In Motion Weighing (Check weigh systems)
  • Print and Apply labeling application
  • Vision System Control
  • Scanner Systems
  • Pick to Light Put to Light
  • Preventative Maintenance Data
  • IIoT connections  (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Alarm, Alerts (Set to email, call, text when events happen that are important to you)
  • Incredible Reporting Module
  • Yes, it connects to your WMS  as well to pull data and send data back and forth
  • Yes, the information can be DASH-BOARDed on your computer, laptop, phone, PDA device et…
  • The the sky is the limit to what you can CONTROL on the warehouse floor …

Our software is based on a SCADA (Supervisory-Control-And-Data-Aquisition) platform called Ignition from Inductive Automation.  It is an open source “user platform”.  So DON’T BE AFRAID!   Our system is NOT proprietary and there are thousands of IT professionals that know how to use it.  It is NOT compiled software where you are locked out.   You can learn how to use it as well and we will train you.  So, you are NOT stuck without support even if all our engineers decide to retire and move to the North Pole!

PrecisionWare360 is what we call it.

PrecisionWare360 Logo

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Warehouse Control Software PrecisionWare360

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