Pallet Rack

Pallet racks are the backbone of the warehouse, creating the framework upon which the inventory is stored. There are several types of pallet rack systems, each with their own benefits. Warehouse designers and managers select pallet rack systems based on various factors such as type and breadth of merchandise, number of articles per pallet, available space, and inventory turnover rate.

Of all the warehouse racking systems available, pallet racking systems are the most popular and versatile.  Many warehouse managers prefer selective pallet racking systems because of the flexibility they offer within an existing warehouse storage system.

Your inventory and storage methods will dictate the best storage racking system for your warehouse environment. One of our pallet flow rack systems, a drive-in rack, or a push-back rack system may be the best solution for your facility. We are available to help you evaluate our pallet racking systems and help you choose the right warehouse racking system for your needs.

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