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The Precision Warehouse Design warehousing and distribution consulting group has over 20 years of experience designing and improving distribution center facilities and operations. We offer material handling consulting services to small and medium-size businesses to help them deliver world-class service and a least–cost operating position within their distribution operations.

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Discover how each component of our suite of services is strategically crafted to elevate the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

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The Role of Master Planning in Material Handling Consulting

Master planning is crucial for strategic warehouse design, acting as the framework that supports efficient operations and facilitates growth.  A master plan includes a comprehensive evaluation of your current and future logistics needs, ensuring that your warehouse layout, technology, and processes are aligned with your business objectives. Armed with data, we help you create a scalable and flexible operation that can adapt to market changes and business growth.

Exploring the Principles of Warehouse Slotting Analysis

Slotting analysis optimizes warehouse storage by strategically organizing inventory according to factors such as size, weight, and demand frequency. This enhances operational efficiency, reduces picking errors, and improves safety. By employing common warehouse slotting strategies—such as improving space utilization, assigning proper storage technologies by SKU velocity, minimizing parts handling, improving inventory accuracy, and enhancing worker ergonomics—we maximize the efficiency of your warehousing operations.

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Leveraging Simulation in Material Handling Consulting

Simulation plays a pivotal role in warehouse consulting, allowing us to model and test different operational scenarios without disrupting your actual operations. Using simulation, we can anticipate potential challenges and devise solutions to complex logistical issues before they occur.

Facility Capacity and Useful Life Assessment in a Material Handling Consultation

Our assessments offer critical insights into how your current setup meets operational demands and what adjustments are necessary for future scalability. These evaluations inform your decision-making processes for expansion, redesign, or relocation. This makes sure your infrastructure meets both present and future needs.

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RTIC warehouse conveyor

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept (PoC) is a critical phase in our distribution center consulting services, designed to validate the feasibility of proposed warehouse solutions before full-scale implementation. This allows us to demonstrate the tangible benefits and potential ROI of our recommendations, ensuring that your investment in technology or process changes yields the desired outcomes. Through PoC, we mitigate risks by identifying any issues early, allowing for adjustments. This ensures its success in your unique operational context.

Bid Specification Preparation

Our bid specification preparation streamlines the procurement process. We provide a clear, detailed foundation for acquiring the equipment, technology, and services essential to your warehouse design. By crafting precise specifications, we help you articulate your needs effectively to vendors, ensuring accurate and comparable bids. This aligns purchases with your operational objectives and budget.

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FasTrak Design Warehouse

FasTrak Design

FasTrak Design stands as our accelerated warehouse design solution, enabling rapid development and deployment of warehouse layouts, systems, and processes. This service is ideal for businesses seeking swift improvements in their warehousing and distribution capabilities. Using the latest in design technologies and our extensive experience, FasTrak Design delivers optimized warehouse solutions that meet your immediate needs while providing the flexibility to scale and evolve with your business.

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We have full turnkey design capabilities to show you how to feed a sort system properly, achieve the rates you desire, and manage the system with state of art SCADA software. Our SCADA software can be implemented to monitor from any device anywhere in the world!

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