About Precision Warehouse Design

The vision of Precision Warehouse Design is to serve Christ with excellence in the material handling industry, embrace our employees as family and use the first fruits of our work to touch lives in need.

Precision Warehouse Design LLC was formed in 2007 in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex. The two principal owners of PWD have Mechanical Engineering degrees and Masters in Business Administration.

veteran owned businessWe are a veteran owned and operated business. As a result, we are a veteran friendly employer and encourage recent active duty service members and veterans to apply.

225+ Years
Combined Experience

PWD holds over 225 years of combined experience in the material handling and systems integration arena with an additional 20 years in the manufacturing industry. Many of the projects that PWD has experience designing and installing include the following:

  • Slow, medium, and high speed conveyor sortation projects
  • Very small to very large warehouse storage projects (Pallet Racking, Shelving, Mezzanines, Pick Modules)
  • Sophisticated software controls projects
  • Warehouse layout and design consulting projects
  • In motion scale projects
  • Barcode print and apply projects
  • Vision systems identification projects
  • Robotic manipulation arm project
  • WMS specification and implementation projects
Warehouse Pallet Rack

We have developed a very powerful systems sales process that we now call 

“The PWD Process” 

which combines experience, technique, customer service, and technology which we have found are the exact elements that build TRUST. We are a nimble intelligent group able to do very complex projects much faster than our competitors with bloated overhead structures.  Inquire and see the difference for yourself.


over 6,000 projects from multi-million dollar sortation systems, to designing a shelving layout for a back end closet.


during the design process we include “best practice” components to our systems as well as equip ourselves to design, price, and deliver solutions much faster than competitors.

Precision Warehouse Design
Company Values

Faith:  Without faith, it is difficult to stretch yourself and grow your confidence. 2 Cor 5:7

Integrity:  If people are not trusted, business and relationships suffer.  Without integrity, the best outcomes are compromised and relationships are built on less than a firm foundation. 2 Cor 8:21

Diligence:  Working carefully and persistently leads to worthy results. Left alone, talent, genius, nor education create success. But together with diligence and determination great results are achieved.  Col 3:23

Generosity:   To have a posture of giving is a very powerful value. We desire to be known as a company that is willing to selflessly give back to each other and the community. Heb 13:16

EfficiencyThe world is complex. Most people do not understand or take the time to understand complexity. Our job is to simplify and make all processes efficient, so as to alleviate unnecessary time, create. Ecc 10:10

Grace:  Grace is defined as a disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency toward others. There is an abundance of blame to spread for life’s challenges. Those who apply grace, instead of blame, live with much peace and unity. Col 3:13

Love:  Simply stated, to love is to provide and protect.  Love is a posture of thinking more highly of others than yourself, and wanting others to succeed even if their success hinders yours. 1 Cor 13:4-7

Logical Solutions and Equipment for Storage and Distribution

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