Vertical Carousels

Designed with shelves that rotate up or down via the shortest path, delivering items to an ergonomically positioned pick window, the vertical carousel maximizes the use of overhead space and can recover up to 75% of the floor space required for traditional shelving systems. The vertical carousel maintains the key objectives of saving organizations time, space, and money while introducing new features such as reduced lifecycle costs, and improved structure with interchangeable carriers, and multiple control options.


Vertical carousels are available in a wide range of heights, depths, and widths to meet virtually any storage and retrieval requirement. Sizes may be from 10ft to 40ft tall and up to 16ft wide. They are compatible with an entire suite of software and controls to meet standard and unique applications.

  • Delivers All Stored Goods to an ergonomic work counter, improving operator productivity and ergonomics
  • Helps organizations meet Lean Manufacturing Goals
  • Link multiple floors and/or areas with customizable pick windows

Lightweight Material Handling  (Megamat RS180)  

Intended for handling of lightweight goods – the RS 180 can manage up to 180 kg (396 lbs) per carrier.

Ideal for: Small Parts – Textiles – Electronic Components

High Frequency Material Handling (Megamat RS 350)

Designed to provide fast and frequent access to like-sized parts, the Megamat RS 350 provides storage for parts with a maximum height of 19″ and carriers with a maximum weight capacity of 350 kg (770 lbs). Integrating the Megamat RS 350 with Power Pick Global software allows even higher throughput for order picking applications.

Ideal for: Spare Parts – MRO Parts – Tools – Electronic Components

Heavy Storage Capacity (Megamat RS650)

The strongest of the Megamat product line, the RS 650 can manage up to 650kg (1,430 lbs) per carrier. Heavy parts can be stored safely and securely within a small footprint.

Ideal for:Tools – Dies – Fixtures – Molds – Heavy Parts

Unit dimensions
Megamat RS 180 350 650
Width 1,875 to 3,875 mm 1,875 to 4,275 mm 1,975 to 4,275 mm
Height min. 2,210 mm 2,360 mm 2,360 mm
max. 7,510 mm 10,010 mm 10,010 mm
Depth 1,251 mm 1,271 mm 1,311 mm
1,441 mm 1,471 mm 1,511 mm
1,631 mm 1,671 mm 1,711 mm
Special dimensions on request
Usable carrier dimensions
Width min. 1,250 mm 1,250 mm 1,250 mm
max. 3,250 mm 3,650 mm 3,550 mm
Height 212 mm 225 mm 255 mm
237 mm 263 mm 306 mm
263 mm 301 mm 356 mm
288 mm 339 mm 407 mm
314 mm 377 mm 458 mm
339 mm 415 mm
364 mm 453 mm
491 mm
Depth 428 mm 428 mm 428 mm
528 mm 528 mm 528 mm
628 mm 628 mm 628 mm
Unit imbalance
max. 600 kg 1,200 kg 2,100 kg
Load per carrier
max. 180 kg 350 kg 650 kg
Unit load (incl. carrier weight)
max. 6,000 kg 12,500 kg 19,000 kg

Vertical Carousels Specification

These vertical carousel storage units need to be specified for your needs.  There are many “standard” sizes to choose, but a budget for these machines start at $50K and can go all the way up to $150K depending on requirements and installation conditions.

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Vertical Carousels

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