Vertical Carousels

Designed with shelves that rotate up or down via the shortest path, delivering items to an ergonomically positioned pick window, the vertical carousel maximizes the use of overhead space and can recover up to 75% of the floor space required for traditional shelving systems. The vertical carousel maintains the key objectives of saving organizations time, space, and money while introducing new features such as reduced lifecycle costs, and improved structure with interchangeable carriers, and multiple control options.


Vertical carousels are available in a wide range of heights, depths, and widths to meet virtually any storage and retrieval requirement. Sizes may be from 10ft to 40ft tall and up to 16ft wide. They are compatible with an entire suite of software and controls to meet standard and unique applications.

  • Delivers All Stored Goods to an ergonomic work counter, improving operator productivity and ergonomics
  • Helps organizations meet Lean Manufacturing Goals
  • Link multiple floors and/or areas with customizable pick windows


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