ModSort   Technology that can sort darn near anything.  From a business card to a box to a polybag to a tote.  This multi-directional sort machine can be integrated into your system very easily with the controller cards and the 24V DC roller technology.   Give us a Call to discuss the possibilities!

  • Can be easily integrated into existing traditional or motorized roller conveyor systems
  • Ability to transfer a wide array of products
  • Mechanical lift unneeded (only two means of motion required)
  • Run smaller packages without “gaps” associated with pop-up transfer modules
  • Ideal for handling polybags and smaller packages Utilizes unique System Plast® 2253 Roller Top belt technology
  • Zero contact, zero pressure accumulation
  • Run on demand technology
  • Low noise and low voltage (24VDC, no conduit required)
  • Energy savings as high as 50%-60% as compared to traditional conveyors
  • Easy maintenance through minimum spare parts requirements
  • High resolution package control

What you need to know:
Max weight of products = 50 pounds or less (But can be designed to handle more weight if necessary)
Max Speed of unit 180 to 230 feet per minute
Max Sort Rate = It depends on multiple factors but 40 to 60 per minute is achievable in specific circumstances


8 Sizes available:

ModSort Specification

A material budget price per divert bed is between $13,000-$20,000.   The tricky part is the integration of the machine.  The cost for the controls and the design of how the ModSort will fit in your current sortation scheme will add to the budget.  It could double the budget.   It all depends.  Call us to discuss!

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