DEA Cages

DEA Cages: Flexible Configurations

The flexibility of Style 840 Wire Partitions makes it possible to construct a DEA controlled substance storage cage of any size or shape. The DEA cage can have a free spanning ceiling up to 30′ or a ceiling of any size with vertical support tubes. Panels can also be stacked to any height so that the DEA cage can be tied into the facility’s existing walls and ceiling. All of our slide and hinge doors can be made self-closing and accessible with a card reader or ten digit keypad with the installation of an electric strike or mag lock.

DEA Approved Drug Storage Cages

When properly installed, Style 840 Partitions meet the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) requirements for physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls. This drug storage application with wire partitions is ideally suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, distribution centers, record storage, drug warehouses, and much more.

Key DEA Cage Features

  • Self closing, self locking doors.
  • Wall & ceiling panels constructed of 10 gauge wire.
  • Steel support posts 2″ square.
  • Posts have welded on base plates for lagging to the floor.
  • Posts are set no more than ten feet apart.
  • Walls have minimum 1-1/2″ horizontal reinforcement at least every 60 inches.
  • Standard mesh has 2″x1″ rectangular opening.
  • Panels mount flush to floor.
  • Heavy 3/8″ hardware non-accessible from the exterior.
  • Panels stack to any height.
  • Clear spanned ceiling up to 35′ across.

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