Entry Locks Standard and Custom

We have experience with many different types and styles of locks for your wire partition and cage projects and can integrate almost any type of lock, standard or custom, into our system.

Tool crib and equipment cages are effective organization and storage solutions for most warehouse and production facilities. But what about protecting your equipment from misuse or theft?

For that, a coded entry lock can prevent unwanted visitors and only allow those only certain approved persons to access expensive and potentially dangerous equipment on the floor.

Coded entry locks for your warehouse offer these benefits:

  • Convenience — First and foremost, a keyless entry door lock allows convenience over traditional mechanical doors without disrupting operations during installation and use. We offer self-powered locks that do not require additional wiring during installation and some that don’t rely on batteries whatsoever.
  • Access Control — As previously mentioned, allowing only approved personnel access to coded entry locks cuts down on lost, stolen, or copied codes and equipment from your business.
  • Security — Alongside enhanced control solutions, coded entry locks offer additional security solutions, such as adjustable code length, anti-tamper lockout functionality, multiple access modes, and quick lockout options from master control.

Specify the type of lock you would like, and let the Precision Warehouse Design team take care of the details.

Many Locks to choose from.    Click on the photo gallery to see pictures of all the types below. Give us a call!

  • Mag Lock
  • Electric Strike
  • Fortress AmStop 24V Interlock
  • Coded Card Reader
  • Ten-Digit Key Pad
  • Biometric Finger Reader & Keypad
  • Five-Button Coded Access Lock
  • Master Lock® ADA Handle
  • Push Bar
  • Alarm Lock
  • Standard Lock and Key

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Entry Locks

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