Coded Entry Locks

As shown here, we have experience with many different types and styles of locks that require a pin. We can integrate most any type of lock into our system. Specify the type of lock you want, and let our design team take care of the details.

Electrical Locking Devices

  • Coded Card Reader – activates electric strike or magnetic lock upon insertion of coded card. Ten cards supplied
  • Ten-Digit Key Pad – operates electric strike or magnetic lock upon entry of four-digit pass code
  • Electro-Magnetic Lock – magnetically locks sliding gates securely closed. Requires card code reader, ten-digit key pad or remote push button to operate. Available for sliding gates only
  • Electric Strike – allows hinged gates to open when activated by encoded card, ten-digit key pad, or remote push button. Works with standard key locks. Available on hinged gates only
  • Five-Button Coded Access Lock – code or key entry. Match with push paddle or thumb turn knob inside.
  • Push Paddle – hand-sized paddle for quick exit. Match with key or five-digit push button lock.

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