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The Precision Warehouse Design warehousing and distribution consulting group has over 20 years of experience designing and improving distribution center facilities and operations. We specialize in delivering management consulting to small and medium-size businesses to assist them in achieving world-class customer service and a least–cost operating position within their distribution operations. 

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FasTrak is an approach unique to Precision Warehouse Design. FasTrak is a project approach developed for today’s dynamic constantly changing distribution and manufacturing facilities.

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Perfect Pick Auto Storage

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Perfect Pick

Perfect Pick is the fastest picking solution in the industry today. This energy-efficient solution is designed to be flexible to allow for scalability. From a single aisle, this allows throughput rates to expand easily to add more aisles and modules. As your business grows, this system can grow with it.

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At Precision Warehouse Design, our objective is to make your Receiving-Putaway-Storage-Picking-Packing- & Shipping operations more efficient using logical solutions and equipment to achieve cost savings and increase control.

Precision Warehouse Design offers material handling solutions that may encompass Pallet Racking, Shelving, Mezzanines, Flow Rack, Workstations, Pickmodules, Conveyors, Conveyor Sortation Systems, Carousels, Checkweigh Systems, RFID, Bar Code Scanning, Software, and more.

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Logical Solutions and Equipment for Storage and Distribution

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PWD has grown with Mouser at a rate of 25%+ (per year) for over a decade. They are now a worldwide leading distributor of electronic components.

Nebraska Furniture Mart… world’s largest furniture retailer. Grand Opening in Dallas 2015. PWD designed the material storage and handling system for this monster!

FedEx, with all of their complexity, relies on sophisticated conveyor and sortation technology to keep their customers happy. PWD is an authorized integrator for the FedEx supply chain group.

PWD did great things for Chewy.com, a small sample of which can be seen in the image above. PWD is proud to have worked with and alongside Chewy.com.

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