Conveyor Sortation Systems

Precision Warehouse Design excels in designing conveyor systems and innovative solutions for various operations, understanding product movement in distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. We’ve designed sortation conveyor systems nationwide.

We ensure your conveyor and material handling systems are apt for moving individual boxes, bulk materials, totes, full cases, or pallets. We take time to understand your operations, recommending suitable conveyor belt equipment like rubber or conventional conveyor belts, sandwich belt conveyors, and custom solutions with appropriate control and automation systems.

Our sortation conveyor system solutions cater to our customers in various industries and use cases:

  • Parcel sortation in distribution centers
  • Unit sortation of boxes or totes in manufacturing lines
  • Bulk sortation in warehouse facilities
  • High-speed sortation for e-commerce fulfillment

With over 20 years of experience, we offer expertise in designing conveyor systems for diverse applications. Whether you need a simple belt conveyor or an advanced sortation and order fulfillment system with integrated controls and automation, we can assist.

what do you want to sort?

  • Boxes  *  Totes  *  Pallets *  Trays *  Poly-Bags *  Mailers


Narrow Belt Sorter

This type of sortation system uses a series of narrow belts, each with its own take-up. High-friction rollers raise to grip and gently divert products at a 90-degree angle right or left, on-the-fly. It’s best used when your operation requires accurately sorted products or when handling a wide variety of product sizes, shapes, and weights.

Shoe Sorter

Also known as a sliding shoe sorter, this system uses a series of shoes to slide across the surface to push items off the sorter. It’s ideal suited for high-speed sortation of a variety of product sizes and shapes.


These are used to divert products from the main conveyor line, either manually or automatically. They’re best used when the rate of product flow is lower, and the product is sturdy enough to handle the pushing force.

Arm Diverts

Arm diverts are used to change the direction of a product in a conveyor system. They are best used when dealing with sturdy products that can handle the force of the divert.

UBT (Urethane Belt Transfers)

This system is designed to bridge the gap between adjoining conveyors and equipment. The UBT uses a pair of polyurethane belts to move items off the conveyor. They’re ideal for use in conveyor systems that require a high degree of coordination or precise positioning.

Plastic Belt Sorters

These systems use plastic belts and are ideal for sorting items based on size, weight, and shape. They’re best used in applications that require the gentle handling of items.

Sure Sort

This is a small item sorter that delivers and processes a wide variety of items safely and efficiently. It’s best used in operations that handle a wide range of product sizes, shapes, and weights.

Tray Sorters (Tilt and Pusher)

Tray sorters use a series of trays to carry items to their designated location. When the item reaches its destination, the tray either tilts or pushes the item off. They’re best used when items need to be sorted in a specific orientation or gentle handling is required.

Bombay Sortation

This system uses a series of flat carrier surfaces (flights) to convey the product to the appropriate divert station. It’s best used in high-speed transport applications where product stability is key.


Turnkey Design: Precision Warehouse Design offers a comprehensive design service for optimal sort and storage system operation. We guide you on system feeding, achieving desired rates, and cost effective management solutions.

State-of-the-Art SCADA Software: Our SCADA software solution is a versatile solution suited for monitoring and automating facility operations, offering real-time control and insights from any device, anywhere

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