Wire Dividers

Wire Dividers that clip to the surface of the wire deck it sits on to create well-defined cubicles. Easy to install with no tools needed, wire dividers make it easy to create organizational systems that match the exact dimensions of inventory items, tools, and supplies. Maintain an orderly separation between different SKUs without incurring high installation costs every time your organization system needs to be updated.

Wire dividers are ideal for various warehouse applications where wire shelving and decking is used, including:

  • Organizing small inventory items and bins while preventing overspill between SKUs, ultimately avoiding subsequent picking errors
  • Managing MRO inventory items and materials
  • Improving airflow and water permeability for temperature control and fire prevention

Our wire dividers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of shelving dimensions, and they are perfect for applications where individual storage bins might aren’t the ideal solution. Highly versatile and durable, vertical wire dividers make it easy to create orderly shelving that can be readily adjusted in the future as your facility’s needs change.

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Wire Dividers

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