Wire Decking (Standard Decking)

Most don’t give wire decking much thought but it’s the basis for a durable, safe, and secure pallet rack system in most warehouse and manufacturing environments. As such, wire decking requires high-strength steel mesh designed to support hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of products and materials.

In the past, warehouses would use wood boards stacked between beams to support crates and containers of products and components for later usage. These boards would rot away, crack, or snap, leaving a dangerous and costly mess. Wire mesh does not suffer from the same occurrences and is tougher and more reliable overall.

Why wire decking for your company?

  • Easy to install, simply drops into place
  • Improves fire safety by enhancing the performance of your overhead sprinkler system
  • Protects employees and products
  • Improves inventory visibility and brightens your facility
  • Self-cleaning/maintenance-free
  • Gives you the flexibility to store cartons, drums, and multiple pallet sizes

Today’s wire decking (standard decking) is capable of holding weights of up to 2500 lbs, all thanks to the 6ga wire mesh support design.

Regardless of the industry—health care, manufacturing, retail, food service, etc.—you’ll find wire decking more than capable to meet your ever-changing demands for storage space and convenient picking processes.

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Wire Decking (Standard Decking)

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