Carton Stops

A heavy-duty carton stop, otherwise known as a safe stop, is pallet racking accessory which controls carton flow on wire decking. They are made of the same powder-coated steel as your wire decking.

Carton stops regulate carton flow on wire shelving and allow picking from both sides of a rack. Perhaps more importantly, carton stops also create a vertical flue space (or line of sight) from the floor to the ceiling in your storage area. Flue space slows the spread of a warehouse fire, hopefully minimizing damage by providing additional time for firefighters or the sprinkler system to put it out.

The pallet rack is the backbone of the storage system for a busy warehouse. Pallet stops acts as a load stoop, letting the forklift driver know when a pallet is fully loaded onto a rack. A pallet stop prevents the pallet from being accidentally pushed off the back of the rack. Pallet stops will often be required by an insurance carrier to ensure there is a flue space between racks.

When it comes to pallet racking, you have a few options to protect a pallet load. There are free-standing pallet stops, which connect to uprights with brackets and a beam. This process requires new installation, though.

Alternatively, warehouse managers may wish to invest in integrated pallet rack beams, which require little installation work and are more cost-effective overall.

Lastly, there is the pallet stop clipped to the wire decking solution. A stop made of wire acts as a guide to let a handler know when a pallet is properly placed.

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Carton Stops

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