Precision Warehouse Design is a full service Material Handling Integrator. We provide the services you will need to help make your job easier in the distribution & manufacturing environments.

We design, install and maintain
all of your warehouse service needs.

Material Handling Services

Precision Warehouse Design is Your Full Service Material Handling Integrator

PWD specializes in material handling system integration –– including strategic planning, warehouse design, and implementation of systems that seamlessly move your products throughout your facility, maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Unlock Your Warehouse’s Hidden Potential with a Material Handling System Integrator

Our customized distribution center consulting optimizes every aspect of your business, including product flow, storage requirements, and labor utilization. Our expertise in material handling systems allows us to design and implement customized solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. 

  • Increase Throughput: Improved layouts help move products, optimize workflows to maximize output. 
  • Reduce Labor Costs: A material handling systems integrator streamlines all your processes, thus saving on labor spend. 
  • Enhance Space Utilization: Our materials handling services enable you to utilize your warehouse footprint to its very last inch, with efficient yet effective storage solutions.
  • Improve Safety: We focus on safety, just as much as productivity. Creating a safer working environment for your employees, and minimizing risk for all, is a top priority.

FAQs about Material Handling

A material handling integrator is a company that designs, engineers, and implements customized systems to optimize the flow of materials within your warehouse or distribution center.

An integrated material handling system combines various equipment and software components to work cohesively. Together, it ensures the efficient movement and storage of products within your facility.

A warehouse integrator is a broader term encompassing all aspects of designing and optimizing a warehouse, including layout, storage solutions, and material handling systems.

In manufacturing, an integrator is a company that designs and implements automated systems that combine various technologies and equipment to streamline the production process. 

While similar in concept, material handling integrators specifically focus on optimizing the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse or distribution center.

We love the system, it was the right solution, right price and right company to design and implement it… I highly recommend Precision Warehouse Design to tackle any material handling project, both large and small!

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