Perfect Pick

This Machine is what the industry calls “Goods to Person”  GTP.    It is in the family of  Automatic Storage and Automatic Retrieval systems ASRS.

Why Perfect Pick?

  • It is able to cube out your warehouse and fit an enormous amount of product in a small foot print.
  • It’s iBot technology allows for fast and accurate order picking and putting
  • It ties right to your WMS and or ERP system
  • It is great for batch picking orders due to the put to light option.
  • Do not need to worry about downtime because the autonomous robots are independent.  If one malfunctions you have others to handle the load
  • You can reverse the software and use it as a Buffer Storage to consolidate orders instead of picking orders.
  • Cause its cool!

Budget Pricing for these machines is in the range of $500K to $1.5M  each.  All depends on number of iBots, size, Software, Workstation, Put to Light etc..

Product Questions?

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