Pallet Shuttle

4D Pallet Shuttle System.  No more fork trucks!    Pallets can be stored and retrieved by multiple automated pallet shuttles connected by radio frequency to a software control system that you can manage with your Ipad or laptop computer.  Integration with the WMS is easy.     Want to save enormous square footage and increase efficiency?  This system is worth exploring!  Give us a call to discuss your project.

Automated Shuttle Systems are becoming very popular!

Have you every really figured out the cost of a fleet of forktrucks?  Pretty expensive considering the ongoing maintenance and the human being needed to operate it all day long.     Shuttle Systems by Precision Warehouse Design help eliminate cost and increase efficiency for your pallet put away and retrieval systems.

Call to discuss your project and ROI…. you may be supervised!



Back of the napkin cost is $1500 per pallet position without knowing anything else.  Now take the cost of 5 or 6 forktrucks and sustaining maintenance 5 or 6 people per year cost – ~500K/Yr


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