Floor Scale

Warehouse Floor Scale

Heavy Duty Digital Low Profile Pallet Scales provide adjustable leveling feet and optional ramps to make the loading scale simple. Rugged floor scales are made with stainless steel housing for long-lasting durability. Available capacities range from 1,000 to 40,000 pounds—enough to handle almost any size items you have in mind.

A low-profile, digital floor scale capable of providing accurate weight measurements for your largest products and shipments means greater accuracy when producing and packing.

This heavy-duty scale is commonly seen in manufacturing and logistics applications but is also useful in veterinary and farming facilities, retail and commercial enterprises, and so many other industries worldwide.

Digital screens on most floor scales can be positioned at eye level for easier use.  Pallet floor scales also come with a variety of safety features to reduce the risk of severe injury on the job. These safety features include built-in gas springs and locking mechanisms.

Precision Warehouse Design proudly offers heavy-duty, digital, low-profile pallet scales with adjustable leveling feet, optional ramps, and rugged durability!

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Floor Scale

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