Simulation is necessary to prove out concept of design. Simulation is usually only 1%-5% of the cost of a large project, but can save thousands of dollars in the end. See it before you buy it!

to do it?

We gather all the data necessary from your operation. Physical data (loads, facility size, equipment etc..). Rate Data (how much, how fast, throughput rates etc..). Constraints (software, personnel, physical, management input etc…)

Once this information is collected it is a data dump into our software simulation tools.


Video Simulation of your operations that will produce data showing Max/Min/Ave throughput, constraints (bottle necks), future planning for growth. All based on management inputs.

let us design your system today

We have full turnkey design capabilities to show you how to feed a sort system properly, achieve the rates you desire, and manage the system with state of art SCADA software.  Our SCADA software can be implemented to monitor from any device anywhere in the world!

See why Multi-Billion Dollar companies like FedEX, Nebraska Furniture Mart,, S&S Activewear, Mouser Electronics, RTIC, KGP, and multiple others trust the engineering and partnership of Precision Warehouse Design for their current and ongoing Conveyor Sortation and Design needs!