Discover Our Automated Warehouse Storage Systems

Here at Precision Warehouse Design, our top priority is helping warehouse managers and owners better optimize their business. One such way is through the use of automated storage solutions in warehouse environments.

Today, we offer a selection of six unique automated storage setups, including Horizontal Carousels, OPEX Perfect Pick, Pallet Shuttles, Vertical Buffer Modules, Vertical Carousels, and VLM (Vertical Lift Modules). Each has its distinct uses within the warehouse, but all are designed to help automate the storage and picking process, thereby furthering your logistics’ efficiency levels.

Whether you prefer high-tech picking and storage methods or more conventional means, with oval tracks and rotating bins to deliver items to the operator, we have solutions meant for you.

If you have any questions about our automated storage solutions, feel free to contact Precision Warehouse Design for assistance. We’re happy to help you with your automation needs and expand your warehouse systems tenfold!