Mobile Pallet Racking

  • Unlike the traditional static storage concept, mobilized storage systems require just one moving aisle that opens and closes only where and when needed to provide full accessibility to all materials for quick, safe retrieval.
  • It’s a simple solution inherently designed to maximize your space. ActivRAC™ Systems can help lower your production costs, improve your productivity and output, and better control and organize your raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods, and essential support materials.
  • Our ActivRAC 8, 16, and 30 Mobilized Storage Systems to offer three solutions featuring different load capacities to fit different storage needs. Materials are always readily accessible. Our electric powered systems feature multiple synchronized motors in each carriage and an available power override unit for accessing materials even in the event of a system or power failure.
  • Gain more value-generating floor and workspace under the same roof simply by placing your existing industrial shelving or pallet racking on our industrial-grade carriages and rails.


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