Belt Conveyor

The conveyor belt was invented in the early 20th century by underground miners.  Since then, belt conveyor technology has come a long way and powered conveyors are an important tool to increase productivity and efficiency in logistics, manufacturing, food processing, packaging, and many other applications.

Belt conveyors are an automated way to move materials through the warehouse, allowing your company to make, distribute, and/or ship more items.  Depending on the nature of your business, you may need only one type of belt conveyor system but most warehouses of any size operate multiple types of belt conveyor systems to transport goods each day.

Slider bed belt conveyors are seen in virtually all automated distribution centers.  There are several varieties of slider bed belt conveyor systems. The primary differences between these systems lies in the design of the bed.  We offer channel frame and box frame conveyor belts as well as well as a trough-style belt conveyor and a trash conveyor with high side walls along the belt. If you’re not sure which of our slider bed conveyors is right for your business, our experienced team can help.