Gravity Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors optimal loading, unloading, and packaging without the use of a motor power source. A gravity conveyor works by installing the roller conveyor on an incline to expedite packages. Alternatively, you can use your workforce to push a load along the flat conveyor.

When it comes to gravity conveyor systems, you have two options: skate wheel conveyors and roller conveyors. A skate wheel conveyor utilizes a series of wheels built into channel frames, all held together via bed spacers made from steel or aluminum. Conversely, roller conveyors use a series of closely-spaced rollers in the same type of frame to help push packages along the conveyor system using the power of gravity.

At Precision Warehouse Design, our line of gravity conveyors include various sizes, ranging from 1-⅜ to 3.5” diameter roller conveyors. In addition, we also offer flexible gravity conveyors, roller wheel lanes, and gravity gates. All in all, with our warehouse installation expertise and heavy-duty roller conveyors, we can help you optimize your loading, unloading, and packaging processes significantly.