Flexible Conveyor

When it comes to warehouse design and optimization, investing in the appropriate material handling systems, like conveyor belts, can significantly impact your ability to deliver product fulfillment promises to customers. But suppose your warehouse offers little additional space for conveyor systems, or you regularly load trucks outside of the warehouse. In these situations, flexible conveyors with expandable power rollers are the perfect solution to move product quickly and efficiently.

Precision Warehouse Design’s flexible conveyor systems offer interchangeable, fluid loading and unloading optimization for all aspects of your functional warehouse: assembly, packaging, and shipping lines.

We offer a few styles of flexible conveyors, including roller flexible gravity conveyors, roller flexible power conveyors, which are ideal for unloading trucks at your warehouse receiving dock, and skate wheel flexible gravity conveyors, which offer “no tools required” installation and allow a single person to easily connect conveyors from one end of the warehouse to the other.

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