Slider Bed Box Style

Box style slider bed belt conveyor with round end plates. Model 450BOS slider bed belt conveyor is one of the most popular and common means of transporting goods for packing, inspecting and a variety of assembly line operations.

A box-style slider bed belt conveyor is a medium-duty conveyor belt useful for packing, transportation, testing, and product assembly applications. Because of it’s clean, smooth-sided design, the box-style slider is the perfect choice for applications where you need to have workers positioned along the conveyor’s sides. In some warehouses, it’s common to utilize a bed box style conveyor for dunnage handling or trash removal. Whatever your needs, this conveyor system will suffice.

The box-style slider-bed belt conveyor is for one-directional operation but an optional center drive may be added to make it reversible. Other options include floor supports and electrical controls. View our specifications section for more information.

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BELTING: PVC-120 black.

DRIVE PULLEY: 4″ dia. with 1-3/16″ dia. shaft or 8″ dia. with 1-7/16″ dia. shaft, both crowned and fully lagged.

TAIL PULLEY: 4″ dia., crowned, with 1-3/16″ dia. shaft.

END DRIVE: Allows one-direction (unit) operation; add optional center drive for reversible application.

TAKE-UP: Screw type unit at tail pulley provides 12″ belt take-up.

BEARINGS: All pulley bearings are precision, heavy duty, lubricated, ball bearing units with cast iron housings.

RETURN ROLLERS: 1.9″ dia. x 16 ga. steel, model 196S, adjustable.

BELT SPEED: 60 FPM, constant.

BED: 4-1/2″” x 12 ga. channel frame with 14 ga. slider bed 9″-27″ BF; 12 ga. bed 33″ BF and above with bed pan braces.


MOTOR DRIVE: 1/3 HP, 230/460/3, 60 cycle, ODP right angle gear motor.

ROLLER CHAIN: Drive pulley is driven by No. 50 roller chain for 1-1/2 HP or less and No. 60 chain on larger drives. Chain take-up provided on motor base.Slider Beds, Slider Beds, Slider Beds, Slider Beds

SAFETY POP-OUT ROLLERS: Mounts into slot on bracket for safety design. Use of connector bracket eliminates dangerous pinch points.


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Slider Bed Box Style

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