Trough Belt Conveyor

Trough Belt Conveyors

Trough belt conveyors are built to contain loose or bulk materials within the center portion of the conveyor system. With rollers built in the trough, integrated guard rails, and a slider bed that conforms to the belt, trough conveyors are an ideal way to move loose materials, cartons, bulk materials or trash without worrying about product loss or spillage. Trough belt conveyors are available in any 1’ incremental size between 5’ and 100’.

Trough belt conveyors can be configured in inclined or horizontal conveyor setups, equipped for variable or constant speed, and outfitted with motors of varying HP. They can also be customized with a wide variety of optional equipment such as taller guard rails; smooth, rough top, or cleated belts; ceiling hangers; floor supports; center, overhead, or end drives; electrical controls; top covers; drip pans; and more.

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BELTING: PVC-120 black.DRIVE PULLEY:4″ dia. with 1-3/16″ dia. shaft or 8″ dia. with 1-7/16″ dia. shaft, both crowned and fully lagged.

TAIL PULLEY: 4″ dia., crowned, with 1-3/16″ dia. shaft.END DRIVE:Allows one-direction (unit) operation; add optional center drive for reversible application.

TAKE-UP: Screw type unit at tail pulley provides 12″ belt take-up.BEARINGS:All pulley bearings are precision, heavy duty, lubricated, ball bearing units with cast iron housings.

RETURN ROLLERS: 1.9″ dia. x 16 ga. steel, model 196S, adjustable.

BELT SPEED: 60 FPM, constant.

BED:7″ deep x 12 ga. box type bed with bed pan braces (all widths) and with 2-1/2″ deep x 12 ga. formed trough with formed flanges on sides to provide extra strength.


MOTOR DRIVE: 1/3 HP, 230/460/3, 60 cycle, ODP right angle gear motor.

ROLLER CHAIN: Drive pulley is driven by No. 50 roller chain for 1-1/2 HP or less and No. 60 chain on larger drives. Chain take-up provided on motor base.

SAFETY POP-OUT ROLLERS: Standard on both ends, 1.9″ dia x 16 ga. steel roller, model 196S.


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Trough Belt Conveyor

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