Line Shaft Driven Conveyor

If lightweight products are your forte, then Line Shaft Driven Conveyor systems are optimal for moving your products and items at impressive speeds of up to 120 feet per minute for quick, efficient picking and moving solutions.

The Line Shaft Driven Conveyor sold by Precision Warehouse Design is built with flat-bottomed, evenly-distributed products, especially those found in modern distribution facilities, including food packaging or mail delivery systems.

Furthermore, Line Shaft Driven Conveyor systems are capable of using a single motor to power a full 100 feet of conveyor belt, thereby reducing your overall energy costs and consumption, and allowing for easier installation and maintenance overall.

A few other key benefits include:

  • Economical design and robust steel construction capable of carrying loads up to 75 lbs.
  • Easy customization allows for the addition of curves, transfers, and spurs.
  • Increased driving force with keyed spools and high tension bands.

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