Sortation Conveyor

Sortation conveyor systems are useful solutions for ecommerce and logistics companies that must sort and handle a large number of items. The right sortation conveyor system can dramatically improve the efficiency of product movement through the warehouse. But if sortation conveyor technology is used improperly, the results can be lost money and time. What is the right sortation conveyor technology for your application?

The answer depends on what you are sorting, how quickly your sortation must be done, and how many destinations (diverts) are needed. The sortation systems experts at Precision Warehouse Design can recommend sortation conveyor system that can appropriately identify, and route products to help achieve faster throughput in your facility.

On top of expediting throughput, sortation conveyors help ease storage space within the warehouse by continually flowing products from pallet racks to sorters to your warehouse fulfillment center with ease. We offer a wide variety of sortation system solutions including pick zone modules, pusher sortation systems, OPEX’s® Sure Sort™, narrow belt sorters, and ModSort sorting technology.  Contact us for a consultation to determine which sortation conveyors are right for you.

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