Power Roller Conveyor MDR

A 24 Volt Motorized Driven Roller Smart Conveyor System is the holy grail of motorized conveyor solutions for active warehouses like yours.

The 24-volt motorized conveyor system connects adjoining non-powered rollers using high-quality o-rings, timing belts, or chains designed to transmit power to create a motorized zone. These zones are designed specifically to adhere to specific product lengths and weight distribution requirements, and each zone acts independently of each other to perform the intended function programmed into the drive card.

Other features of the 24-volt motorized driven roller smart conveyor include:

  • Fully configurable zone lengths, frame widths, roller spacing, and speeds.
  • WAlk-through lifts gates available for total operator access.
  • Stainless steel construction for added safety and security.
  • Common components used in design and operation allow for easier maintenance and less downtime overall.
  • Optional pneumatic stops, pushers, turners, and casters.

Precision Warehouse Design is proud to offer modern powered roller conveyor systems for your warehouse!

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