Trash Conveyor

When you want a clean, efficient warehouse — free of trash and/or debris on the floor or conveyor belt systems — the only solution is a finely-tuned, expansive trash conveyor belt with one purpose in mind.

A trash conveyor is a form of slider bed system with high guard rails on either side of the belt. These rails create a pathway for trash and debris, preventing any overflow that may cause hazardous messes in your pristine warehouse.

In most cases, warehouse managers like yourself use a trash belt conveyor system to move empty cardboard boxes, paper trash, bins, and disposable goods or items destined for the trash compactor.

These belts are often implemented in packing and picking stations, assembly lines, or production points where high volumes of paper trash accumulate over time.

When you want a clean, welcoming environment that doesn’t have to worry about efficiency, you want a trash conveyor from Precision Warehouse Design!

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Trash Conveyor

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