Spiral Conveyor

The spiral conveyor system, sold by Precision Warehouse Design, is built tough in a compact and versatile design allowing for easy elevating solutions in active warehouse environments.

The built-in spiral design carries products between floors, machines, or over aisles to prevent the unnecessary stopping of other key conveyor belt systems or manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, the spiral conveyor system comes with a uniform slope, ensuring smooth operation without upsetting products, a continuously moving table-top belt that gently lowers and elevates the product to the appropriate level, and operating speeds of up to 150 feet per minute depending on height and product size and weight distribution.

Even better is, the spiral conveyor system is fully adaptable to meet your unique requirements. You can attach multiple lanes, slopes, and larger or smaller belt widths ranging from 3 ¼” to 15” to accommodate your product line and distribution needs.

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