Chain Driven Live Roller

Does your warehouse rely on moving large quantities of product or packages via pallet? If so, the Chain Driven Live Roller is precisely what you need to move products without worrying about breakage or extended delivery times via forklift.

The Chain Driven Live Roller is built tough, with the power necessary to move entire pallets worth of goods and products with ease. The heavy-duty chain conveyor roller system integrates easily with drag train transfer conveyor solutions.

Why do you need Chain Driven Liver Roller Conveyors in your warehouse?

  • Robust chain conveyors ,are made from durable construction using structural steel for additional security and safety when moving heavy-duty products.
  • Almost unlimited frame dimensions, lengths, and chain conveyor system roller options for any warehouse environment.
  • Capable of withstanding tough, dirty environments and abrasive applications moving heavy loads with ease.

Here at Precision Warehouse Design, we’re proud to offer warehouse managers and business chain conveyor systems that make sense for their production lines!

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