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Conveyor Gates

Conveyor gates today allow easier access on the warehouse/manufacturing floor when efficiency and time maximization are critically important.  Instead of traversing overhead walkways or stairs, gates on gravity conveyors allow users to halt production lines momentarily and pass by with ease.  Conveyor gates provide openings and walkways for operators, pedestrians, or fork truck traffic or to simply make work areas in and around conveyors readily accessible.

There are several types of conveyor gates available but the three most common types are manual lift gates, spring balanced gates, and power roller gates.

Manual Lift Gates

Manual gate assemblies are one of the most common gravity conveyor accessories. Simple to install, manual gate assemblies offer passage to and from operator work cells as well as provide access for fork trucks, walkways, etc.  Manual lift gates on gravity conveyors require personnel to unlatch and lift each passageway before passing through.

These lightweight gates feature hinges on one side and a safety latch and come in standard lengths of 3’, 4’, and 5’, with widths ranging from 12” to 24”. Gates include hardware and conveyor section.

Spring Balanced Gates

These gates for gravity conveyors feature convenient passageways for personnel and forklifts alike, utilizing adjustable tension springs to easily lift gateways with minimal effort. Gates include hardware and conveyor section.

Power Roller Gates

The most modern gravity gates on the market, power roller gates are the most effective model with rollers that automatically disengage and reactivate as necessary.

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Gravity Gates

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