Roller Wheel Lanes

RAILS: 12 ga. galvanized steel rails are formed to two varying width rail wheel conveyors, models RCD.

WHEELS: 1-15/16″ dia. prelubricated ball bearing wheel with hardened raceway, zinc plated, 50 lb. capacity.

AXLES: 1/4″ dia. galvanized steel bolt-type with lock nut.

LENGTHS: Available in 1′-0″ increments from 1′-0″ to 10′-0″.

COUPLINGS: Not supplied, specify type required for pricing.

WHEEL CENTERS: Wheels provided on 3″ centers with model RCD-3; wheels provided on 1-1/2″ centers, staggered pattern on model RCD-1.5.

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Roller Wheel Lanes

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