Flexible Gravity Conveyor

If you want a highly customizable, economic solution when loading or unloading a truck, then flexible gravity conveyors from Precision Warehouse Design are the precise solution you should be eyeing. 

A flexible gravity conveyor attaches easily to the front wall of a trailer, then may contract or expand for total efficiency and ergonomics, allowing your warehouse team to easily load or unload a vehicle and move heavy items or boxes with relative ease.

Due to their high mobility and flexible nature, our expandable conveyor systems can serve multiple dock doors with a single unit.

On top of offering extensive truck loading and unloading capabilities, flexible gravity conveyors, complete with stainless steel rollers, prove useful for retail backrooms, shipping areas, and even plant floors. 

But due to the portability and flexible nature, you can bend and curve the conveyor to meet any needs you may have in or out of the warehouse environment!

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Flexible Gravity Conveyor

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