3.5″ Diameter Roller Conveyor

Experience the robust performance and durability of PWD’s 3.5″ Diameter Roller Conveyor, an advanced solution designed for heavy-duty operations. This industrial roller system, a product from Precision Warehouse Design – a brand synonymous with excellence and innovation – embodies the perfect blend of strength, functionality, and reliability necessary for various industrial applications.

Here are the key features:

Rollers: Crafted with 3-1/2” x 9 ga. steel tubing (model 3509S) with straight ends, expertly reamed to provide smooth-bearing seats. Each roller can handle up to 700 lbs.
Axles: The 11/16” hex shafts are spring-loaded, and designed to withstand heavy loads.
Frames: Built from structural steel for ultimate strength and longevity. Offering 4″ at 5.4 lbs. set high and an optional 5″ at 6.7 lbs set low (extra charge for ‘set low’ option). All frames are attractively painted.
Couplings: Butt-type couplings ensure reliable connectivity.
Bearings: The removable, heavy-duty ball bearings are zinc-plated and grease packed for superior performance and durability.
Frame Capacity: Exceptional load handling, supporting a maximum distributed live load of 3750 lbs per 10′ section with supports at 10′ centers, and up to 8000 lbs at 5′ centers.

These features culminate in a product designed to provide a seamless experience, thereby enhancing your operational efficiency. Whether you’re dealing with complex logistical tasks or simple material handling, PWD’s 3.5″ Diameter Roller Conveyor is a versatile choice.

ROLLERS: 3-1/2” x 9 ga. steel tubing, model 3509S, with straight ends, reamed to provide smooth bearing seats.
ROLLER CAPACITY: 700 lbs. per roller.
AXLES: 11/16” hex shaft, spring loaded.
FRAMES: 4” at 5.4 lbs. structural steel painted channel set high; 5” at 6.7 lbs. structural steel painted channel set low (extra charge for set low).
COUPLINGS: Butt type.
BEARINGS: Removable type, heavy duty ball bearings, zinc plated, grease packed.
FRAME CAPACITY: 3750 lbs. maximum distributed live load per 10’ section with supports at 10’ centers; 8000 lbs. at 5’ centers.

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3.5" Diameter Roller Conveyor

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