Roller Flexible POWER Conveyor

Power Flexible conveyor is mostly used to UNLOAD trucks at the receiving dock.  They are commonly used as well on the shipping dock to load trucks.   Designing them is very tricky.   Since they collapse, the have an extended length and a compacted length.  So, if you have them extended in the truck you have to determine how far you want to go.  When complete, you have to push it back on the dock.   Will it collapse and clear the dock door?  It will take a quick calculation to determine.   These units come in 5″, 4″, 3″ roller centers.   They can also have accumulation zones to get maximum accumulation.   Power Flexible conveyors are extremely popular.  Call us today to get a quote!

Construction: All steel construction.

Conveyor formats: Available in 14″, 18″ and 24″ widths. Lengths can be tailored to your needs.

Capacity: 100 pounds per linear foot – level capacity. On 3° incline – 50 pounds per linear foot.

Legs: Legs are made from heavy-duty steel tubing and have welded, double horizontal cross braces.

Side links: 1.72″ wide side links are made from steel.

Heavy-duty casters: Standard 6″ x 2″ swivel casters. Optional 8″ x 2″ casters available. Both have metal brakes.

Axles: Standard axle centers are 5 1/4″. Optional 4″ and 3″ axle centers are available to convey small cartons.

Package stop: Electronic/mechanical package stop is optional.

Heavy-duty rollers: 1.6″ diameter rollers (1.9″ on the 1.9 model) are made from 16-gauge steel and have precision bearings and a 1/4″ diameter polyurethane drive belt. Both have steel foot brake that locks wheel and swivel simultaneously.

Warranty: One year factory warranty.




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Roller Flexible POWER Conveyor

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