Skate Wheel Flexible Gravity Conveyors

Skate wheel conveyors are the perfect choice when you need to move lighter weight items with flat bottoms such as bins, cartons, and boxes. Our skate wheel conveyors give you tremendous flexibility, literally and figuratively. These skate wheel conveyor systems expand, contract, and move so easily that a single employee can configure it and use it, all thanks to its innovative design.

Precision Warehouse Design offers a variety of skate wheel flexible gravity conveyors in a variety of lengths and widths to meet your ever-growing warehouse demands. A skate wheel conveyor is a breeze to use for temporary applications. Just wheel it into place and you have a temporary conveyor system anywhere you need it.

Skate wheel gravity conveyors are great for some applications but don’t work as well for others.  If you’re not sure whether a skate wheel conveyor or a gravity roller conveyor is the right choice for your needs, we will be glad to help you with your selection.

For more information on our series of skate wheel conveyors, consider the comprehensive specifications chart below for precise measurements and features of every unit, including leg sets and bed sections per unit.

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Capacity with 5-1/4″ Axle Centers
Fully extended – 275 pounds per linear foot.

Height adjustment
Standard: 28″ to 36″.
Optional: 24″ to 28″, 36″ to 44″, 44″ to 52″.

Leg Sets and 4-Point Connection
Leg Sets and 4-Point Connection1-1/8″ OD, 12-gauge steel tubing with adjustable reinforced inner leg and double cross-braces, zinc plated. Incremental height marks are provided on outer leg to facilitate uniform pitch adjustment. Four-point bolted leg connection to skate wheel axles and side links.

Skate wheel options
Skate Wheel – Nylon – N) Red nylon with nylon bushing high-impact, short conveyor runs.
Skate Wheel – Polymer – P) Black polymer with 7 steel ball bearings in a captive race – provides superior wheel rotation.
Skate Wheel – Steel – S) Steel skate wheel with steel ball bearings – impact-resistant, moderate to high volume.

Axle Centers
Standard 5-1/4″ axle centers. To accommodate small packages, restrictors are available for 3″ or 4″ centers.

5/16″ diameter steel axles.

Side links
Conveyor side links are made from 11-gauge steel.

Side Links and Connections
7-gauge, zinc-plated steel. Top connections are provided by 5/16″ steel axles with lock nuts. Cross-point connections are steel pivot pints with spring-loaded retainers. Bottom connections are a combination of pivot pins and 5/16″ steel tie rods.

Box stop/handle
Box stopHeavy-duty 1-1/8″ OD, 12-gauge steel tubing with 1/4″ steel brackets, zinc plated. Box stop folds down when connecting the conveyor to equipment or other conveyors. The box stop is also a convenient push/pull handle.

Two-year factory warranty.


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Skate Wheel Flexible Gravity Conveyors

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