Line Shaft Driven Conveyor

Transform your warehouse operations with our Line Shaft Driven Conveyor. This efficient conveyor system, designed for smooth and consistent product movement, is a key component in our warehouse design solutions. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a valuable investment for your operations. With our expert consultation and installation services, we ensure the conveyor integrates seamlessly into your existing systems, enhancing operational efficiency. Don’t just improve your product movement – revolutionize your entire warehouse design with Precision Warehouse Design. Reach out today for a consultation and discover how our Line Shaft Driven Conveyor can elevate your operations.

TREAD ROLLERS: 1.9″ dia. x 16 ga. steel, model 196S grooved.

DRIVE BELT: 3/16″ dia., polyurethane belts. Nominal 15 lbs. per roller drive.

DRIVE SHAFT: 1″ dia. C1018 cold rolled steel shaft.

COUPLINGS: Couplings located both ends (type “A”), one end only (type “B” or “C”) or none (type “D”).

CENTER DRIVE: Reversible drive; located approximately 18″ from end of bed section for 3″ and 6″ RC; 16-1/2″ for 4″ RC.

BED: 7″ x 1-1/2″ x 12 ga. formed steel channel frame. Bed sections attached w/ splice plates and floor supports. SPEED: 60 FPM, constant.


BEARINGS: Precision, lubricated, ball bearing units with composite housings.

MOTOR DRIVE: 1/3 HP, 230/460/3, 60 cycle, ODP right angle gear motor.

ROLLER CHAIN: Drive shaft is driven by No. 50 chain. Chain take-up provided on motor base.


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