24 Volt Conveyor (Motorized Drive Roller MDR)

The 24VDC Conveyor system is made up of modules. A module is defined as straights, curves, right angle transfers, merges and diverts. Programmable logic controllers control the modules. The modules themselves are further divided into “zones.” Product can accumulate within each zone if needed. The zones contain photoelectric sensors and reflectors. When the photoelectric beams are interrupted, this signals to the PLC that product is present in that zone. 24VDC can run in singulate mode, or train mode. Normal transport mode is available if specified. In singulate mode, a product will not move into a zone until that zone is clear. In train (slug) mode, a product will move into a zone as the previous product is moving out of that zone.

The 24VDC Conveyor also has the ability to divert product off of the main flow path. The 24VDC Conveyor can merge product into a main flow path and can also transfer product off of the main flow to the right or left or both at a right angle. In all cases, the product has the option to continue down the main flow path bypassing the diverts and transfers.

24VDC Conveyor was created with safety, modularity, quick low cost installation and low maintenance costs in mind. This “intelligent” system is the most practical system in the industry for moving totes, product assembly, packages and all unit-handling applications

  • Intermediate section
  • Curve Sections
  • Divert Sections
  • Merge Section
  • Right Angle Transfer Sections
  • Gates
  • Accumulation Inclines and Declines

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24 Volt Conveyor

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