Category: PWD Project Highlights

PWD has grown with Mouser Electronics at a rate of 25%+ (per year) for over a decade. They are now a worldwide leading distributor of electronic components.
Nebraska Furniture Mart is the world’s largest furniture retailer. The Grand Opening in Dallas was in 2015. PWD designed the material storage and handling system for this monster!
FedEx, with all of their complexity, relies on sophisticated conveyor and sortation technology to keep their customers happy. PWD is an authorized integrator for the FedEx supply chain group.
PWD has teamed with Genco/AT&T for over a decade providing material handling equipment for Fulfillment, Returns, and Packaging of cell phones and electronics in their combined ~ 1 million square feet of warehouse space in Ft Worth, TX.
PWD created a truly unique design for conveyor systems to alleviate the congestion in the packing area. Engineered and supplied a box feeding system to the 20 pack stations.
As has continued to grow, PWD helped design the entire layout of Pallet Racking, Conveyor system, Flow rack systems, and ergonomic packing solutions to help meet the needs of their growth.