A Look Inside the Technology and Logistics of Mouser Electronics Global Distribution Center

A Samsung Tablet being held in a left hand while operated with the right hand, showing Mouser Electroinics Logistics Interface

With more than 27 offices located globally, Mouser Electronics is responsible for distributing electronic components such as semiconductors for more than 1,200 manufacturer brands. Mouser thrives on introducing new products in the technology field to both buyers and design engineers alike.

At Mouser Electronics Global Distribution Center, employees use high-quality warehouse management systems that allow them to ship orders any time of the week. Recently, they have expanded their line card, allowing them to handle over one million different products, all of which are available to ship, giving them the world’s largest inventory of the latest electronic components. 

Mouser’s efforts and teamwork with other clients have earned nearly $2 billion in sales as of 2019, which is why they’ve been able to expand their corporate headquarters. By using high-tech systems in their various warehouses, they’ve been able to satisfy and retain customers all across the globe.

How Mouser Distributes Their Products

Mouser’s distribution center spans one million square feet, and employees perform several tasks using conveyors, carousel systems, and more. Various technologies are used to pick and ship items to various clients, and this process includes several important steps. Products such as speed sensors, converters, thermal management tools, and more are packaged and shipped 24/7.


The first step of the distribution process starts with receiving. Here, products on pallets are taken and unloaded. The staff then sorts over 8,000 different products, submitting their information into the system’s inventories. After this is finished, the products are placed into a robotic sorting area before being shipped to a designated warehouse.


Products are sorted into various areas with a warehouse carousel system. This system uses rollers to transport items to their designated location easily. This sorting system allows for easy access when a customer orders an item. Sorting can also be performed by hand, but the implementation of conveyors, accelerates the process, saving time and energy. When a customer does order a component, order pullers immediately begin their work.


An order is broken down by item into what is known as a line, and the items in the order are sent to designated zones. This step allows orders with multiple products to be pulled simultaneously from their specific locations and is performed either by hand or using flexible conveyors. If a component is sensitive and requires delicate handling, an order puller will retrieve the item by hand. Otherwise, it is safe to use an automated system for retrieval. Also, pulling can occur using vertical lift modules (VLMs), which are similar to giant filing cabinets that instantly organize and bring the correct items to the order puller.

More than 300,000 components can be stored without requiring aisles when using an auto-store. With this method, robots travel around the store, retrieve the required components, and deliver them to warehouse staff. Once a line has been pulled, the puller will send the components to the consolidation area.


In the consolidation phase, lines are assembled into complete order. Mouser uses their console systems to assist the consolidators by scanning the components in order and immediately bringing the components to them for final assembly. During this phase, smaller orders, including single-line orders, are sent to the I-Pack machines, which create appropriately sized boxes that seal and label the items automatically. Once all components are packed and labeled, they move on to the shipping phase.


When a component is ready to ship, automated systems are responsible for directing each package to the designated shipping service. The components are then loaded onto specific trucks and shipped to the customers.

It’s also worth noting that Mouser is registered as a Foreign Trade Zone, meaning all international orders will pass customs while on a flight to their destination.

Customers can receive notifications about their orders online when an order is placed. Mouser also provides information online regarding order history, non-stocked items, and backorder shipping should a client request it.

The Results of Mouser’s Work

Mouser utilizes many different warehouse design services to get their job done. Using high-quality automated systems, Mouser can unload a component and ship it out within 15 minutes. This has allowed Mouser to receive several awards and certifications for their efforts, and it all comes down to how they operate at their various warehouses.

Mouser has also been able to open additional locations all over the world, including Shanghai, India, Japan, and France. They continue to expand their efforts, both on location and online, using various eBooks and technical resources that engineers may find effective.

Without optimal solutions for their industrial and distribution needs, Mouser wouldn’t be able to expand their business and satisfy clients all across the world. Mouser worked with our team at Precision Warehouse Design to achieve their goals, and we’re also prepared to assist your business.

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