Conveyor Sortation Software

PWD- Supply Sort Control software allows you to manage and control the conveyor sorter. No matter how many sort lanes

PWD-Supply Sort enables you to accurately sort boxes and totes to correct destinations.

  • Manually assign destination lane for product
  • Program (dynamically) lane assignments through ERP download
  • Interface with any WMS or Host system
  • Integrate with conveyor controls, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Supports input from Barcode scanner and scan tunnel arrays
  • Integrates “check weighers”
  • Reporting (a myriad of data collection that easily turns into reports)
  • Supports Microsoft SQL, MS Access
  • Microsoft .net application

Below represent a GUI screen of the conveyor sort system tied directly to all the I/O (inputs/outputs) of the system. Maintenance managers can easily see if an emergency stop if pulled, a photo eye is out of alignment, line full conditions, status of each motor etc… this is a MUST for large systems to help trouble shoot with ease.

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