Cantilever Rack Heavy Duty

Heavy-Duty Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks, specifically heavy-duty cantilever rack systems, are unique as they utilize vertical supports with extended arms attached to their columns for supporting very heavy loads and storing long items in warehouse environments.

Heavy-duty cantilever storage is a versatile solution that often uses double-sided uprights. A racking system like this can accommodate double-sided configurations that maximize storage capacity within the same floor space.

The size of uprights selected and strength of the upright base makes a big difference when it comes to how much and what your cantilever rack storage system can hold. Taller uprights can accommodate longer arm length. These heavy duty extra-thick cantilever rack arms, made from 7 or 10 gauge steel, hold more weight per arm, making them suitable for extra heavy duty applications such as pipe storage racks. Inclined arms are a good choice for storing pipe which may roll on a flat surface while straight arms are fine for other materials.

With a heavy-duty rack system, you’ll gain easy access to products and materials at the front for loading and storing. This pallet rack setup is ideal for building materials, steel products, furniture, and more. You can use heavy-duty cantilevers indoors or outdoors, depending on your available space and needs.

Precision Warehouse Design offers high-quality, heavy-duty cantilever racks built solid and capable of accommodating various load dimensions to suit your needs from top to bottom!

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