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In 2011, Precision Warehouse Design was contracted to engineer a conveyor “drop off system” for the KIVA robot. The new construction warehouse was being built in Pennsylvania for Diapers.com.

The timeline was an aggressive 1 week from start to finish. As an authorized distributor for Roach Conveyors, our company designed an automated conveyor system that integrated with KIVA robots. The conveyor then delivered products to nearby truck loading docks for fast shipping.

What Happened to Diapers.com?

Diapers.com was an early eCommerce superstore that was founded in 2005 and quickly became a competitor for Amazon.com. In 2010, Amazon acquired the parent company, Quidsi Inc. which included an umbrella of domains, focused on bulk consumer products purchased online.

The rest is history, as Diapers.com was officially shut down in 2017. Notably the co-founder and CEO, Marc Lore worked at Amazon for a few years, before launching Jet.com in 2015 which was acquired by Walmart in 2016. Now part of Walmart.com, Marc Lore continues to compete against Amazon as head of Walmart eCommerce.

A similar fate happened to KIVA robots, which was also acquired by Amazon in 2012. Although instead of getting shut down, KIVA has now become Amazon Robotics with nearly 200,000 still operating within Amazon warehouses.