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Spiral Conveyors

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Technical specifications

  • Spiral Elevation up or down (or reversible).
  • Loads of up to 35 lbs/ft.
  • Belt speeds of up to 300ft/min.
  • Angle of incline 2.5º -15º.
  • CE certified and 100% intrinsic safety.

  • Distinguishing features

  • Only one drive needed for height differences exceeding 40 ft.
  • A choice of many belt types with or without high friction
  • Belt maintenance without using tools.
  • Transports heavy items even if not positioned central on the belt.

  • Material configurations

    S - Mild steel, coated
    CR - High Corrosion resistant coated mild steel frame, stainless parts, special CR-chain
    RS - Stainless steel frame and moving parts (wash down / wet environment)


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